Your dChi

Yuseph Breik, Dave Cook
Workshop / @harnessyourdchi

Experience Your dChi

YourDchi harnesses the power of your online data interactively. We all create massive amounts of data every data- nearly 1.7MB every second. At YourDchi we believe that you should be able to own your data, explore your data and be able to share the experience of your data interactively. Dave Cook, the Chief Data Scientist for YourDChi, will be giving a talk on bringing your dark, unstructured data to light with the YourDChi platform.

Your dChi is a new interactive platform, driven by a predictive analytic engine, which creates a visual interactive experience. Through its innovative visualization of complex data sets, Your dChi creates synergies between people and businesses, their data, and their networks. Your dChi simplifies the digital life of users offering them a new context to understand the power of their personal network, extended networks, and their digital footprints. The platform strives to be a way for users (and businesses) to drive their goals, interests or objectives.


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