Monaí de Paula Lefort


Wild Design

This presentation aims to take a look at design practices "out of the grid". Our starting point is the Brazilian practice of gambiarra, an intervention or artefact resulted from a provisory solution to an unexpected event or crisis. From there we shall question some of the most categorical aspects of design and think about networks, ecology, otherness, complexity and cybernetics in order to expand our understanding of what design can be.

Monaí de Paula Antunes is an artistic researcher interested on complexity and communication together with their material, spatial and political entanglements. She holds a BA in Visual Communication and a MFA in Arts and Media - Generative/Computational Art, and is currently enrolled in a MA program in Visual Communication / Development of Spatial Systems, all at the Universität der Künste Berlin. She has participated in many collaborative projects, specially Arts & Sciences collaborations, developing alternative transdisciplinary models for the articulation, research and display of complex phenomena. In the past she worked for several years as a production designer for the film industry.


Partners & Sponsors

Tippit Festival: Forth & Back
21st & 22nd June 2019 University of Applied Sciences Europe Dessauer Straße 3-5
10963 Berlin