Íris Rán Aegisdóttir

Speaker / @studioid.de

Spónn Typeface

Íris will talk about the process of designing the typeface Spónn. As it is her first typeface she will go through the wayfinding and discoveries which lead to the final resault of three styles of Spónn font family. Spónn is inspired by Höfðaletur “head letters” an Icelandic font that developed in Iceland in the 16th century. In visual aesthetics of Spónn we can spot a strong cultural influence from her environment and nature of Iceland.

Íris Rán Ægisdóttir comes from Reykjavík, Iceland. She grew up in down town Reykjavik. With history in Technical Drawing, and Industrial design Iris thought of combining it with Communication design where she gratuated last february 2019 with her project Spónn. Currently Íris is working as a freelance designer in Berlin.


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