Harshveer Saluja

Speaker / @harshveersaluja

Stories on Running

Veer aims to intertwine the theme of Tippit ‘Forth and Back’ along with his passion of running. His experiences of running in different regions of India will immerse in different challenges he faces to achieves his goals. In a story telling format, he intends to take the audience through a journey of his vision, adventures and what lies ahead

Veer is currently pursuing his Masters in International Sports & Event Management at UE, Berlin. He is from India. He has been in the Sports Management industry for the last 7 years. Apart from working in the industry, he is an amateur runner who likes to push his limits. Some of his runs include running 100kms in the mountains of Ladakh, India or 270km in 7 days in Thar desert region, India.


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Tippit Festival: Forth & Back
21st & 22nd June 2019 University of Applied Sciences Europe Dessauer Straße 3-5
10963 Berlin