Chiara Ciccarello

Speaker / @cicca_boom

Learning Through Process

Starting a project that is completely novelty is exciting, through the new process you have the chance to learn, growing professionally and personally. On the other side, the possibility of failure scares you crazy. But once the work is complete, you got stronger and the next project looks a bit easier.

In the summer 2018 Chiara Ciccarello was called to realize a scenography for a theater show in Okinawa, Japan. The project was to create illustrations and animations to be projected on the stage during the show. Even if she had never worked with animation neither stage design before, she faced the challenge.

Chiara Ciccarello was born in Sicily and graduated from the University of Catania with a Master in Architecture, and a piano diploma at the Music Institute Vincenzo Bellini. In 2012 Ciccarello moved to Berlin, where she has been working as an architect before deciding to dedicate herself to drawing and illustration. An illustration is not simply an image, there is always a story behind. The work of Chiara Ciccarello focuses on the narration of the empathy inside people's stories. She has been exhibiting in Germany, Italy and Japan.


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