Automaton Lab

Andy Liu, Helin Ulas, Martina Illarregui, Rana Refaat
Workshop / @automaton.lab

Bodily Actions & Techonology

In the workshop we will work on creating a performance in which our body actions generate movement of 3D virtual objects. In the first part of the workshop we will run through TouchDesigner to create a patch that plays with 3D virtual objects and tracks our body movements to generate visuals. In the second part, we will focus on creating body movements, combining them with the patch to create a performance.

The process will provide the basic knowledge of manipulating 3D objects in a virtual environment, using physical motion as the main source. The workshop aims to bridge the gap between virtual and physical mediums.

Automaton Lab is a collective of New Media artists with backgrounds from interactive media, creative coding, performance, installations, and design.


Partners & Sponsors

Tippit Festival: Forth & Back
21st & 22nd June 2019 University of Applied Sciences Europe Dessauer Straße 3-5
10963 Berlin