Anne-Christin Plate

Workshop / @annechristinplate

100 Demons   

100 demons is an ancient zen practice: Drawing your demons, helps to live with them. Let´s draw, depict, invent our life's little monsters.

Born 1977, raised at the baltic sea (Greifswald), tried to learn to play guitar and to become a fast swimmer (7-14), aspiring fashion designer (10), wanna-do-something-connected-to-arts (18), fell in love with the russian language (16), studied textile art at Burg Giebichenstein, University of Arts and Design, Halle & Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design (20-27), discovered drawing as her field, completed 3 animation films, moved to Berlin (27), living with her partner and two kids, ninetofive: scientific assistant and equal opportunities officer at University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, realizing commisions, working on her own projects & enjoying her life.


Partners & Sponsors

Tippit Festival: Forth & Back
21st & 22nd June 2019 University of Applied Sciences Europe Dessauer Straße 3-5
10963 Berlin