Workshop / @anakina_art

Emotions: How to Deal with Mistakes

Drawing is a process in which many artists struggle with their own aspect of perfection. A typical problem are mistakes leading to stagnation in the motivational and creative process. Most do the following things: Either they focus on the mistake and invest 10 times the work to fix them or they would put the artwork away and never finish it.

In this workshop, Anakina will show the possibilities of how to deal with common mistakes in the drawing process. From mistakes arise possibilities to expand or reject existing concepts and give your artwork a new direction. Join the workshop to unfold your creative process.

Anakina is an artist from Berlin-Wedding with Russian roots. Currently, she is dedicating herself to portrait and figure drawing in an abstract surrealistic style. Anakina is inspired by people’s motional and facial expressions and is exploring the possibilities of projecting them onto two-dimensional surfaces. Her works primarily with black ink on white paper to put the focus on the outlines and the contrast of light and shadow.


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Tippit Festival: Forth & Back
21st & 22nd June 2019 University of Applied Sciences Europe Dessauer Straße 3-5
10963 Berlin